Atlanta Real Estate Agents

Finding a good Atlanta real estate agent isn’t always easy, even though there are many great ones in the area. It is important to find an agent that is knowledgeable about the various neighborhoods in Atlanta, but it is equally important to find one who will really pay attention to what you say concerning your likes and dislikes. If your Atlanta real estate agent isn’t listening to what you are saying, your chances of successfully or quickly finding the property that you want are minimal at best.

Start by writing down what you want before you visit an Atlanta real estate agent. Knowing what you want ahead of time, and having that information down on paper, will save a lot of time, and the scheduled meeting will be much more productive. Determine what type of house you want, the size of the home, what type of neighborhood you would like to be in, your price range, and anything else that you can think of that will help your Atlanta real estate agent do a good job for you.

Your agent should only show you properties that meet your requirements. Beware of agents who are trying to pressure you into viewing homes that do not meet your standards or requirements. It could be that they are simply trying to unload a property quickly, with no regard to what your needs or desires are. Remember that you and your family are the ones that will have to live in the home that you choose – not the agent.

It is also important to remember that Atlanta real estate agents work on commission. Therefore, they only get paid when a home sells. In effect, this means that they work for the seller, and in most cases they have the seller’s best interests at heart – not the buyer’s. But there are those rare individual agents who actually take an active interest in helping the buyers find the home of their dreams. That is the Atlanta real estate agent that you want to find!