Internet Marketing – How to Use the Top 5 Twitter Marketing Strategies to Build Your Online Business

Twitter marketing as a method to build your online business should be considered a very essential marketing too. Many top online businesses today, use twitter for its search tool as a research source, messaging utility, measurement source, broadcasting system and networking system. You can get the best results from Twitter if you use it in a proper and ethical manner.

How do you use twitter marketing strategies? How effective is it?

Follow these steps:

1. Do not follow a large number of people or companies on Twitter at first until you know how to use it properly. If there is too much variance between how many people you are following and how many people are following you Twitter will not allow you to add any more to your “following” category.

2. In your daily tweets you should only send sales related messages in a ratio of 1 to 5. That gives you should only send one product or service related to it for every five messages in total. The other messages should contain either short statements, quotes or valuable links that your followers will find useful. Any more than this and your followers may get the impression that you are spamming them with your sales propaganda.

3. You should realize that an effective communication is not to just to give content to readers so they read it, but there should also be response from them. And here Twitter helps you to have conversation with them. When they can give you their comments and you can also reply them, it helps to build a relationship. It is considered as a global chat room, where you can interact with thousands of people and can enhance your social circle.

4. Twitter is being widely used by a number of celebrities; almost all these celebrities have a very large number of followers. And many successful and lucrative businesses also use Twitter because you can easily find a large number of followers here. There is not any hard and fast rule how Twitter should be used by businesses for marketing. Just remember that your purpose is marketing. No matter the size of your business you can attract large benefits from using Twitter properly and ethically. The average Twitter user sends six tweets per day. Businesses with the most effective twitter marketing strategy to build their online business send out one tweet per hour. With this in mind it is not necessary to have a large number of product or service updates regularly, but you should provide your followers with a lot of valuable information no different than any other marketing method you use.

5. Your main purpose is to enhance the loyalty of customers. And having a relationship and proper interaction with them via Twitter, will help you a lot to let your loyal customers feel special as if you are communicating directly to them.

Don’t miss the opportunity to use Twitter marketing as tool to bring more customers to your business and keep them informed as strategy to build your online business. If you are out to attract prospective customers and develop your online presence and exposure, you owe it to yourself and the financial future of your business to learn everything you can about Internet marketing.

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How to Write Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

It is imperative for every real estate marketing plan to have an established business plan as well. The business plan steers real estate marketing efforts to a direction one has envisioned. Instead of vague goals and limited information, the company or the individual knows just how to get there.

Before writing the contents of a marketing plan or (if it has already been set in motion) before taking it to the next level, here are a few pieces of advice to consider:

Simplicity is efficiency. As much as possible, avoid getting caught up in a web of procedures, strategies and tools that are too complicated to implement. Simplicity is still the best recourse. A simple marketing plan is easy to implement because the provisions or attendant requisites are not that difficult to understand. Complicated plans tend to be ambiguous, thus causing implementation issues. It is also an advantage to accommodate and implement a plan that is simple because loopholes and other such errors are easy to spot and correct.

Tie it to a goal. In the process of implementation, remember the goals originally set out in the business plan. These goals are guideposts as well as constant reminders that will help launch a set of marketing strategies. The marketing plan must always be in congruent with the business plan.

Be firm and flexible. It is challenging, but if a company, an agent or a broker manages to formulate a marketing plan that is both flexible and firm, it is easier to learn to adapt. Flexibility is the ability to change with the constantly changing marketplace. A marketing plan which is flexible and at the same time firm provisions is resilient to unpredictable supply and demand patterns and can shift gears without falling prey to collateral damage.

Formulating and writing a marketing plan involves a few things:

First, draw out all thoughts and ideas that come to mind. Using a mind map or a concept map can be very helpful. Leave no stones unturned. Account for every perception brought forth. Even if some of these may not be of use for the present, they can always be utilized for future use. Be open to anything and everything. During brainstorming stage, all ideas are correct. What matters is that a bunch of these ideas can address present issues.

Secondly, organize and select. A disorderly marketing plan is doomed to fail. Streamline ideas generated during brainstorming. Select those that are applicable to present circumstances. Do not discard those that are not applicable. Store them in an easily retrievable file folder or device as they can still be used for future brainstorming sessions.

The third step is to create real estate marketing strategies suitable to identified needs. Such strategies should also be mindful of other factors like existing resources, area/s of concentration or specialty (i.e. residential homes, condominiums, memorial lots, etc.), target audience and the like. For instance, if area of concentration is residential, it is best to use a strategy that can capture the essence of a home so that it easily appeals to families or people planning to build a family. The company or individual may opt to produce real estate notepads shaped like houses. Another option would be to use real estate marketing postcards designed in such ways as to earn the sympathy and/or appreciation of homey individuals or those individuals who would rather live in houses instead of condominiums.

Document. Fourth and final step, depending on preference, is to document everything. Incorporate all components of the final marketing plan in a single document. This will serve as a guidebook of sorts whenever you feel the need to revise the plan or take it to the next level.

By Sara Goldman,